Effectively Attract Customers Utilizing Email Marketing

Presented by Stan Sher, Dealer eTraining

Date:November 22, 2011
Target Audience:Salespeople, Internet, Social Media, Marketing, e-Commerce Managers

Today's online marketing trends have changed the way people read their emails. Since most people are dealing with online shopping, social networks, and various online forums, people are deleting emails before they have a chance to open them. This session will teach best practices on how to create an effective subject line as well as engaging content to allow for an increased email open rate. This program uses authentic examples of successful email marketing campaigns.

Effectively Attract Customers Utilizing Email Marketing will teach attendees the following:

• Incorporate their dealership's online reputation into email marketing to build value.
• Effective email blasts and newsletters to influence customer loyalty.
• Writing content that differentiates your dealership from the competition
• Build value in your dealership by selling consumers on dealership amenities

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